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At Simple Bookkeeping Solutions we take a collaborative approach in order to fully understand your business and financial needs and to help chart a new path to help achieve your goals.

We provide an experienced, affordable, and dependable Virtual Accounting Department to small businesses that want to focus on growing their business and are not yet ready to hire a Controller or full accounting team.

We pride ourselves on being a 100% US based business. We do not outsource our work oversees, and we hire employees living in the United States.


Where to Start

It all starts with an introductory conversation to understand the obstacles that are in the way of you achieving your goals. Once we understand your business strategy and objectives, we will help determine the appropriate cloud-based financial accounting software suite for your business.


We'll provide you with tax ready financials so that your business taxes and audits will take up less of your time as we liaise with your CPA in gathering information for tax return preparation, compilations, reviews, or audits.


We have several standard bookkeeping packages that meet most of our clientele’s needs or we can put together a custom solution to create the best virtual accounting department possible at a price you can afford.


Customized Services


Contact us now for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation on how our financial services can help you grow your business.

  • At Simple Bookkeeping Solutions, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.



How it Works
We use the best online software to transform the way you run your business.



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How Outsourced, Online Bookkeeping & Controller Services Work

Based on the unique needs of your business, Simple Bookkeeping Solutions assigns a dedicated team of bookkeepers, staff and a controller to your business. Your U.S. based team will be dedicated to YOUR business – you’ll work with the same team based on the frequency selected. As part of our bookkeeping process our Xero accountants and Intuit ProAdvisors will analyze your current accounting system and set up the appropriate version of QuickBooks or Xero. We will automate and integrate your other financial systems including, banking and credit cards, and develop a process and procedures manual defining every task to be performed.


Send Us Your Documents & Data

You can set up bills to come directly to Simple Bookkeeping Solutions to streamline processing, or you can scan & upload/fax/mail or provide data access privileges to us for your:

• Vendor Bills
• Payments

• Bank Statements
• Credit Card Statements

• Receipts
• Time Sheets

• Expense Reports
• Additional Documents

Simple Bookkeeping Solutions Does the Work
We process Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliations, Payroll, Sales Tax and all of your bookkeeping needs on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly basis and we automate bank and credit card downloads.



Get Financial Information To Grow Your Business 

Reports based on selected package

• Accounts Receivable Aging
• Accounts Payable Aging

• Credit Card Transactions
• Financial Reports

• Profit & Loss
• Balance Sheet

• Accounts Payable Aging
• Cash Flow
• KPIs

We’ll create specialized reports based upon your industry and business needs and we’ll schedule a comprehensive telephone review to go over your financials.

  • No need to waste time on paperwork or traditional back office functions.



At Simple Bookkeeping Solutions we combine the best of modern cloud technology with traditional accounting.




Our Vision


Simple Bookkeeping Solutions began with a vision: To help small business owners succeed by guiding them with leading-edge accounting tools that will take their business to new heights without breaking their budget.


Who We Are


Today’s businesses must be able to act quickly to ever changing business and economic conditions. To do that, they need relevant financial information at their fingertips.


Simple Bookkeeping Solutions combines three passions: small business operations, accounting and technology. Our process is to convert outdated accounting systems to a cloud-based technology so that business owners can have up-to-the minute financial information available on any device, at anytime, anywhere. Today’s cloud-based accounting and management tools offer an unprecedented degree of collaboration with new technology that makes the seemingly impossible very possible.  All this technology and business intelligence is right at our fingertips, why not use it?


Small Business Experience


My professional experience lies in providing Accounting, Administration and Human Resource services to small- to medium-size companies. I assist in their start-up and formation as well as converting outdated accounting systems to fully-automated, cloud-based information powerhouses.


Throughout my career, I’ve experienced firsthand a number of dramatic changes in small business needs. Most notably, changes in the way that today's small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs have evolved to expect immediate results in a rapidly-changing marketplace. Financial information is a key component in making fast, accurate business decisions.


I love the fact that we are helping small business owners stay connected and in charge from any device, anytime by keeping their accounting information SIMPLE and accessible. Our real-time reporting and updates provide all the information necessary to facilitate expeditious business decisions readily available to you when you need it most.


If you’re interested in how you can make faster, more accurate business decisions using real-time information, then contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

  • At Simple Bookkeeping Solutions, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.




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